Nelcy Núñez is a Dominican-American designer, strategist, and artist interested in aesthetics, storytelling, business, sociology and human-centered experiences.

She received her B.A. in Advertising from APEC University (UNAPEC), and her A.A. in Multimedia Design from Las Américas Institute of Technology (ITLA), both based in the Dominican Republic. She also holds a Certification in User Experience with a specialty in Research from Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g).

Her innate interest in the expression of ideas and emotions got her to experiment with music, photography, and filmmaking from an early age. More recently, her desire to actively participate in social change has lead her to join mission-driven organizations, like mentoring women of color interested in UX at She Designs, and serving as a board member for the Dominican Writers Association.

Nelcy currently works as the Marketing Design Manager at Lambda School, an ed-tech startup that promotes upward mobility through an accessible, incentive-aligned education model; students don't pay anything until they land a high-paying job.

In addition to that, she's creating a platform for Latin-American women interested in leadership to connect with one another, with the intention of inspiring and empowering this community by increasing visibility. Subscribe below to hear when it launches.

Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and subscribe to her newsletter to receive reflections, short stories, learnings, and hear about upcoming art, writing, and creative projects: